Sales marketing is a practice-oriented tool to emphasize the sales/distribution component of your marketing mix.

In today’s business world, sales marketing has established itself as an essential part of any marketing and sales strategy. Its prominent position in the marketing mix clearly highlights how important these sales marketing and promotion activities are to increase brand awareness for the respective person(s) or product(s) and expand their commercial reach.

This is exactly where LEUCHTPUNKTE comes in.

LEUCHTPUNKTE works practice-oriented and with custom-made strategies that correspond perfectly with your project and your goals. LEUCHTPUNKTE explores and determines the respective commercial potentials of you, your product or your company before creating new business potential in the right markets.

Who or what are “Leuchtpunkte” (“Shining Lights”)?

  • You have your own ideas for products and you want to market them commercially?
  • You are an artist and you want to realize your project?
  • You are an entrepreneur expanding your core business and you need new ideas for your expansion plans (e.g. comprehensive 360° approaches / new business solutions)?
  • You need additional sales marketing resources for a certain timeframe or for a specific project?
  • You have an idea and you are ready to check its commercial feasibility in the respective market?
  • You want to attract more people to venues that deserve higher frequencies and draw more attention to these locations?
  • You are organizing an event and want it to have the best possible exposure?

LEUCHTPUNKTE’s primary goal is to help these promising shining lights to “shine commercially” in existing or specifically created markets.

We are here to help you “shine”.



Location analysis = initial situation

We determine the respective personal and entrepreneurial status quo in collaboration with our clients as well as the resulting individual goals and business potentials.

Potential analysis for your “shining light”

Potential analysis thoroughly examines markets and relevant commercial environments in regards to commercial opportunities of the respective project.

Concept and project description

After successfully concluding the previous steps we develop individualized sales marketing concepts for the respective project. We define the project’s goal(s) and plan its budget.

Project management = support for your market launch

In this operative phase, the primary goal is to provide business ideas with commercial longevity through tailor-made project management solutions and therefore realize the project’s primary goal. LEUCHTPUNKTE provides research regarding potential consumers/clients and cooperation partners, thorough proposal preparation, personal presentations, preliminary talks with potential partners, negotiations and final realization strategies.

“Think tank” for new-business ideas

We develop new business ideas for existing products / product portfolios as well as the company’s current services in close collaboration with our clients.

Isabella Burtscher

is a "shining light" because she is a landscape architect, building biologist, actress, astrologer, author (super foods, garden calendar), and presenter, and she shines in many different fields. She is multifaceted, charming, and she loves to accompany her audiences in an inspiring way.

She does workshops, presentations, planning, consulting, columns, analyses, and many more on the above-mentioned topics.


are shining lights because of their charming interplay of piano and harp. And because mother and daughter love to play and perform together and therefore unique Interpretations of oeuvre are created. In high-end qualitiy and accord. 

A complete work of art that is truly fascinating


Miguel Kertsman
Miguel Kertsman

Sabine Traxler
Sabine Traxler