About Me

Sabine Zorn
Mag. Sabine Zorn

While I was studying at the university I had a vast number of jobs to finance my studies.

The experiences I made during this time helped me to develop a material and psychological understanding for organizations and their processes, and gain practical know-how from various business sectors.

I studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, focusing on corporate finance as well as marketing and human resources management.

Over the last 20 years I have worked for international groups, most recently as commercial director at Universal Music Austria & Western Balkans. These years of experience taught me that ideas will just remain what they are until they are realized by people who know how to do it right - and with the necessary enthusiasm.

I also learned that products without clearly defined markets and an equally well-determined value for the customer are, in most cases, sentenced to eternal obscurity.

I love to approach projects in a holistic and market-oriented way. I enjoy analyzing ideas, find opportunities for them in the market and then connect all those little pieces of the puzzle until a picture emerges – a commercially feasible picture.